At Statesman, customer service is at the heart of our business and we aim to exceed the expectations of our customers. We are passionate about the service we deliver which is why our dedicated customer service advisors receive thorough training and continual development. This ensures they are able to assist you in a quick and efficient manner.

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Our aim is always to fully support the free 2 year parts and labour guarantee with a fast and efficient response which will ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We are at your service should you experience any difficulties using an appliance and our knowledgeable call centre operators are trained to diagnose and solve appliance queries on the telephone where possible, which in many cases prevents you needlessly wasting time on an unnecessary engineer visit.

Extended Guarantee

All Statesman products carry a Free 2 Years parts & labour guarantee for your peace of mind. Should you wish to extend your guarantee, please refer to the 'Extended Guarantee' leaflet inside your appliance or available from your retailer to take advantage of the Statesman extended cover scheme.

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Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions below. If you cannot find the solution you need then
please contact our Customer Care Line on 01473 277508 and speak to one of our experienced support team

"My machine wont drain the water away"

See the owners manual for instructions on checking and clearing the filter. (Guarantees are invalidated if the filter maintenance has not been carried out by the owner)

"The cycle has finished but my clothes haven't spun dry"

The load may have caused the out of balance spin feature to operate see owners manual regarding loading .

"The washing machine is smelly and /or the clothes are coming out with white marks on them"

Carry out a maintenance wash without clothes at 60/90C (or a drum clean programme if the machine has one ) ensure this is done regularly and the door seal and soap drawer wiped dry after use, door and soap drawer should be left ajar to allow m/c to completely dry and prevent mould when m/c has finished wash.

"The crockery has not been washed properly and there are gritty deposits on it"

Check the spray arm water outlet holes are not blocked with food deposits, and that nothing in the baskets has moved or slipped down and prevented spray arms from rotating freely. Always check and clean filters regularly and remove/rinse off loose food deposits from plates cutlery etc to prevent filters becoming clogged.

"There are puddles of water on the floor of the fridge compartment"

Clear the drain gully at the rear of the fridge compartment with the plastic tool provided to allow defrost water to drain away .Ensure that packets and saucers trays etc. placed in fridge do not touch the rear wall and prevent the defrost water from draining away.

"The rear wall in the fridge is not always frozen and sometimes runs with water"

This is a normal function of an automatic defrost or wet wall refrigerator and is not a fault.

"My fridge freezer is very hot to the touch on the side"

This is a normal function of the appliance, the heat you can feel is the heat which has been removed from the items in the fridge or freezer - ensure the appliance is sited in accordance with the instructions in the owners manual to allow for adequate ventilation and dissipation of the heat.