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Building on excellence

Welcome to Statesman Appliances

The kitchen is known to be the heart of the home. At Statesman we understand just how central it is to modern day life as a place for cooking, eating, talking and thinking.

Building on our years of experience with domestic appliances and through meticulous attention to detail at the research and development stages, Statesman brings you a collection of functional, feature rich, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing Built-In and Freestanding appliances which effortlessly blend with any home environment making life in your kitchen an even more pleasurable experience. Enjoy!


2 Year GuaranteeOur product range has been developed with energy consumption and the environment very much in mind. Almost all products in the Statesman range are 'A' or 'A+' energy efficiency rated. See our brochure for more information on our environmental commitments.


Energy RatingWith Statesman products, quality is assured and we have demonstrated the confidence we have in our products by providing a full Free 2 Years Parts & Labour Guarantee. Please see our Customer Care section for further details.